De Blasio to Trump: New York’s Sanctuary Policy a ‘Model for the Nation’

Sunday Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN that the Big Apple’s version of sanctuary city policy is a “good model for the nation.” De Blasio said under his guidance, the city will contact federal authorities if one of the 500,000 illegal immigrants there is convicted of a weapons or violence-related charge, but not if they commit “lesser offenses”.

Responding to President Trump’s executive action that may revoke federal grant funding to cities like his, de Blasio said some of the policies he oversees in New York go back decades to Mayors Ed Koch’s (D) and Rudy Giuliani’s (R) terms.

“Any serious or violent crime, we are going to work with [immigration authorities],” De Blasio said, adding that otherwise, an immigrant who “went through a stop sign could be deported for that.”

Fox News

Anchor Jake Tapper noted that drunken driving and grand larceny are some of the offenses that reportedly will not lead to City Hall contacting the federal government.


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  1. A Model? A True Example Of Lawlessness!

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