Russian official: ‘Republicans trust Putin more than the Democrats’

Actually it’s more like the American people trust Putin more. A top Russian lawmaker accused the Obama administration Saturday of undermining US democracy, saying Republicans had more trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin than in the Democrats.

Alexey Pushkov’s assertions in a series of tweets come in the wake of a US intelligence report pinpointing Russia and its leader as the culprit behind the hacking in the US presidential election.

Russia has consistently denied any interference in the election.

Pushkov, a Russian senator and former chairman of the parliamentary foreign relations committee, first tweeted early Saturday, “The Democratic process in the United States is undermined not by Russia, but by the Obama administration and the media which supported (Hillary) Clinton against (Donald) Trump. The threat to democracy is the United States.”

He then tweeted, “The head of the US Ministry of Defense accused Putin of bad relations between USA and Russia. Obama undertook a course to isolate and to undermine the positions of Russia and blame Putin. Complete nonsense.”


Pushkov also compared US hacking allegations against Russia to claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in 2003, later blamed on faulty intelligence, posting that “all accusations against Russia are based on ‘confidence’ and assumptions. The US (was) just as confident of the WMDs (then-Iraqi President Saddam) Hussein had.”

In his latest tweet, issued Saturday afternoon, Pushkov said that Republicans trusted Putin more than they did the Democratic Party.

Translated, like the others, from Russian, it read: “Obama dismayed: Republicans trust Putin more than the Democrats. This is the ‘merit’ of the Democrats and one of the results of Obama’s presidency.”



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  1. All American’s Trust Putin More, Really!

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