Russia Tried to Delay UN Security Council Vote

A Russian ambassador revealed that the country had problems with the content of the United Nations Security Council resolution that condemned Israeli settlements, and that Russia attempted to delay the vote.

“Russia had reservations, primarily about the timing of the resolution, but the other countries did not agree with Russia’s position to continue the discussion,” Alexander Dubrovin, Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to Israel, told The Times of Israel.


He also stated that Russia disliked that the resolution focused on Israeli settlements.

Of the 15 nations on the UN Security Council, all but the U.S. voted for the resolution. On Tuesday, two senior Israeli officials told CNN that Israel is suspending working ties to the 12 countries that helped pass the resolution and have a working relationship with Israel, including Russia.

“Israel’s not going to be kicked in the teeth and not just respond to this,” Israel’s ambassador the the U.S. Ron Dermer said on CNN Monday. “We can’t just meet with visiting dignitaries as if nothing has happened. This is a serious effort against Israel.”


He added that the resolution hurt the chances for a two-state solution to Israel’s dispute with the Palestinians.

“The one negotiating chip that we have at the peace table is that territory. If the UN Security Council says that territory actually belongs to the Palestinians — which it does not and which we reject — that’s going to make achieving peace actually much harder.”


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