NC Gov. McCrory Signs Bills Stripping Powers From Dem Successor

This will tick off the Demonrats. North Carolina’s Republican Gov. Pat McCrory has delivered a parting shot to his incoming — and Democratic — successor, using legislation to strip power from the office. McCrory signed multiple bills into law after the Republican-controlled General Assembly sent them to his desk this week. They take away power from Gov.-elect Roy Cooper, who will take office next month.

Politico reports that the changes to the North Carolina governor’s power are:

A reduction of the people the governor can fire from 1,500 to 300.

The governor’s political party can no longer control the state board of elections.

Cabinet appointments now require legislative approval.

The ability to appoint trustees to the University of North Carolina moves from the governor to lawmakers.

McCrory conceded that he lost re-election last week by more than 10,000 votes. Cooper said Thursday he would sue North Carolina’s state legislature if it tries to curb his powers as the state’s chief executive.


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  1. No Doubt It Will Piss Them Off!

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