Podesta Group Launching ‘Aggressive Accountability’ Op Against Trump

According to the Washington Examiner a progressive group founded by Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta has announced it’s launching an “aggressive accountability operation” against President-elect Donald Trump.

The Center for American Progress is soliciting $100,000 from supporters to “expand our high-quality investigative team” to go after Trump.

“The Center for American Progress Action Fund is launching a Trump Investigative Fund to hold Trump accountable to every promise, relentlessly track and expose his conflicts of interest, and expose the records and values of the people he is selecting to run the country,” Think Progress’ Editor in Chief Judd Legum wrote in the fundraising email, the Examiner reported.


One response

  1. Here We Go Again American’s, Another One Of Those Written In A Dam E-mail Situation’s By, By The Demonrat’s, Demon Rat’s Agenda’s! Just Like Podesta To Pull Something Else Like Only Clinton Would Do! The Demonrat’s, Demon Rat’s Lost The Bid For Presidency, So In The Mean Time Their Thought Tank Came Up With Something New To Do! Demonrat’s Loss, So Get Over It! It’s Republican’s Gain!

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