Newt: I Want to Be Trump’s ‘Senior Planner’

Monday Newt Gingrich reiterated his desire to be a “senior planner” for President-elect Donald Trump, above the fray of the day-to-day grind of being an official member of the Cabinet. “I’ve told the President-elect for months that I want to do is sort of be a senior planner,” Gingrich told reporters. “We have 4,000 political appointees in the executive branch.

“And my driving goal is to figure out in January 2025 how did we serve the country so well, how did the Trump movement do so well, that we are consolidating and electing someone because we’ve earned it, because the American people say this has worked, which is what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did in the 30s.”


Gingrich met with Trump at Trump Tower in New York on Monday, joining the parade of potential candidates Trump and his transition team are meeting with to fill out his Cabinet and administration.

Monday’s comments echo Gingrich’s position from two weeks ago when he said he wanted to help Trump “strategically.” And again last week when Gingrich said he was “100 percent sure” he did not want a Cabinet position.

“I don’t think we want a day-to-day job because frankly, having watched it up close for a long time, day-to-day jobs absorb you and you end up in whatever’s on Page 1 of The New York Times or The Washington Post or the lead at Fox News, and you spend all day chasing those kind of things,” Gingrich said then.


Besides, the 73-year-old has a career under his belt doing the day-to-day, having served as speaker for 4 years and Minority Whip before that for 6 years, all part of his 20 years in Congress.


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  1. Well Newt Might As Well Be A Senior Planner, He Sure Has Enough Experience To Do This!

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