Dick Morris: ‘Donald Trump Is the Leader’ of the Frustrated Voters

Donald Trump’s election victory was fueled in large part by the economic frustration of Americans without a college degree who feel they have no voice in Washington, political analyst Dick Morris said Friday. Morris, the author of the best-selling “Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary Hillary,” said “Donald Trump is the leader” of a new movement of those frustrated voters.

“The major new factor in our politics are 35 million white high school educated men and women — more men than women,” he said. “They are 35 percent of America’s vote. And they feel forgotten. They feel passed over. They feel that the media and the establishment have contempt for them.”

Pent-up frustration, he added, “is something Trump understood.”

“There is no movement for them, no Association for the Advancement of High School Educated People,” Morris said. “But they look at the black movement, Latinos, women … and they say what about us? What about us with our problems?”

“They have lost their jobs,” he added. “They have lost their pensions, their houses. Their marriages in some cases. Their custody of children. Their cars being repossessed and they look at it and they say ‘there is nobody’ — in the words of your show — ‘who is looking out for me?'”

“Their frustration is not that somebody else has — but that they haven’t,” he said.


Asked why these voters don’t join forces with blacks and Hispanics similarly overlooked, Morris asserted: “Because the blacks and Hispanics have shifted their allegiance from private sector to government. They are not that interested as much in jobs as they are in entitlements.”

“We have 114 million people who work full-time,” he said. “We have 106 million that get welfare.”



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  1. Well, What Did You All Come To Expect From All Of This? That It Would Just Go Away? Everyone Would Forget About It? USA, All Of The People In USA, Are Peeved!

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