Ryan Supports Trump’s Call for Special Session to Repeal Obamacare

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan share common ground on at least one thing — repealing and replacing Obamacare posthaste. A guest on conservative host Hugh Hewitt’s radio program, Ryan on Wednesday fully endorsed Trump’s call for a special session of Congress after Trump wins the election next week.

“Imagine if we had a Republican president,” Ryan told Hewitt. “This is what Donald Trump is talking about. A special session, we’ve already proven this year with a Republican House and a Republican Senate we can have that special session, and we can repeal, and we can replace Obamacare.


It’s not known why a special session would be required, since Congress convenes in January, long before the new president’s inauguration.

Ryan “was embracing the idea that we can repeal and replace Obamacare, which we’ve proven we can,” Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong told The Hill.

Ryan continues to tout the website Better.gop, which actually redirects to his site, for people to see his plan that would replace Obamacare.

“We have a six-point plan that we’re running on, which is showing what we can accomplish in 2017 with a unified Republican government,” Ryan told Hewitt. “The law is absolutely failing. They literally call it a death spiral, the actuaries do, and that’s what is occurring.”


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