Pence: Comey Was ‘Pressured’ Not to Go Public Last Summer

Sunday Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence suggested FBI Director James Comey was “pressured” last summer not to “go public” with findings of the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

In an interview on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” the governor of Indiana called the July announcement by Comey to wrap up the investigation with no recommendation to prosecute “troubling.”

“We know he was pressured not to go public,” Pence said, citing “press accounts.”

Pressed on his assertion, Pence said he’d always found Comey “to be a straight shooter,” but added of his earlier decision “just troubling to come out and conclude what would have been a violation of the law for any other American, particularly any other member of the American armed forces, and to say she was simply extremely careless, I think was troubling to millions of Americans.”

He refused to elaborate, however, saying, “I wouldn’t care to speculate about why he came to that conclusion.”

“I would tell you, I’m one of millions of Americans that were troubled by that,” he said. “Why there’s a double standard when it comes to the Clintons. No one is above the law. The American people believe in that principle.”


Pence said even before last Friday’s decision by Comey to reopen the Clinton server probe because of newly discovered emails “pertinent” to the investigation, the race was tilting toward Trump.

“You see the polls closing in states around the country, the American people are focusing on the big issues in this country,” he said.



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  1. What’s Troubling About This Whole Mess Is All Parties Involved Are Guilty Of Something Or This Wouldn’t Be Dragging Out So Long! As Hiding Of Something, Pretty Damming!

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