Trump Threatens to Walk Back Cuba Agreement

Donald Trump rebuked President Barack Obama for his decision to reopen relations with Cuba, saying the president made a “very weak agreement.” “The agreement President Obama signed is a very weak agreement. We get nothing,” the GOP nominee said in an interview with a local CBS station in Miami over the weekend. “The people of Cuba get nothing and I would do whatever is necessary to get a good agreement. An agreement is fine. It has to be a strong, good agreement that’s good for the Cuban people.”


CBS4’s Jim DeFede then pressed Trump on if he would “break off diplomatic relations on Day One” of taking office, should he win the upcoming election.

“I would do whatever you have to do to get a strong agreement,” Trump responded. “And people want an agreement, I like the idea of an agreement, but it has to be a real agreement. So if you call that for negotiation purposes, whatever you have to do to make a great deal for the people of Cuba. So important.”


Trump said he would wait to appoint an ambassador to Cuba until after a new agreement is reached.

He avoided answering DeFede’s questions about two recent news stories, one from Newsweek and one from Bloomberg, that allege Trump violated the embargo on Cuba in 1998 by sending business associates to explore opportunities in the country.

“I don’t know exactly where they were,” Trump said when asked about the stories. When pressed if one of his associates traveled to Cuba, he said, “I would have to find out.”



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  1. Well……What Did You All Expect? A Better Deal Is Good For All Involved! Instead of A Half A$$-d Deal!

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