Harry Reid: Republicans ‘Created Trump’

Retiring Sen. Harry Reid said Republicans have no one but themselves to blame for their candidate for president.

The outgoing Democratic senator from Nevada, for whom Trump once fundraised in the early 1990s, minces no words for the GOP nominee or the party he reps, The Washington Post reported.

“They created Trump,” Reid told the Post. “It’s just who they are and they have created who he is.”

Reid will attend the debate Wednesday night, putting him in the same room as Trump for the first time in almost 25 years, and likely the last.

Reid said nobody, not even him, could have foreseen the candidate that Reid has called a “racist” and “con artist” on the Senate floor.

“I don’t think that anybody that knew him then did either,” Reid told the Post.



One response

  1. Sounds Like Reid Is The CON ARTIST OF OUT OF SORTS! Typical Demon Rat, For Sure!

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