Trump: ‘Collusion’ Between DOJ, Clinton Campaign Must Be Investigated

Referring to the newly released set of WikiLeaks documents which pointed towards a “collusion” between the Justice Department and the Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Donald Trump demanded a special prosecutor to investigate the former secretary of state.

“The Hillary Clinton documents released by WikiLeaks make it more clear than ever just how much is at stake in this election. This election will determine whether we remain a free country, or we become a corrupt Banana Republic controlled by large donors and foreign governments,” Trump said at an election rally in Panama City, Florida.

“Today, we learned the Department of Justice fed information to the Clinton campaign about the email investigation, so that the campaign could be prepared to cover up her crimes,” Trump said.

Adding, “This is collusion and corruption of the highest order, and is one more reason why I will ask my Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor. We have to investigate the investigation.”


Trump had threatened Clinton he was going to instruct his attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into the (missing email) situation, if he came to power next month.

Trump continued to attack Clinton, calling her a “vessel” of corruption.

“These WikiLeaks emails confirm what those of us here today have known all along: Hillary Clinton is the vessel for a corrupt global establishment that is raiding our country and surrendering our sovereignty. This criminal government cartel doesn’t recognize borders, but believes in global governance, unlimited immigration, and rule by corporations,” the Republican presidential nominee said.


WikiLeaks has released several batches of emails, which it obtained by hacking into the Clinton Campaign and the servers of the Democratic National Committee.


One response

  1. What Else Is New, Americans? Clinton, Not Just Hillary, The Wild Bill Too! And The Corruption-Saga Continues To Plague America! All Of The parties Involved Belong In Prison Stripes!

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