Clinton Will Likely Bring ‘Laundry List’ on Trump to Debate

Not surprising. Hillary Clinton is likely to hit Donald Trump with a long list of things he’s said and done in the past, but the GOP nominee should just pivot the debate conversation and focus on the important issues, Fox News talk show host and Trump supporter Sean Hannity said Friday.

“I think he should just sit there, let her repeat her list, and say, ‘OK, I’m worried more about the how many more Americans who are using food stamps,'” Hannity said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” program. “Hillary’s probably, predictably going to drop the kitchen sink, like she did in the first debate, and like [running mate] Tim Kaine tried to do repeatedly to Mike Pence in the vice presidential debate.”


Hannity predicted Sunday’s debate, a town-hall-style format being held in St. Louis, will be a good fit for Trump, who he admitted “prepares differently” and a bit more unconventionally for such appearances.

“He did a town hall in New Hampshire last night so I guess that’s part of his preparation as well,” said Hannity. “It’s going to be interesting. I mean, you have two very different futures for the direction of the country.”

Hannity said Trump is “very comfortable” in the town-hall type show he offers on Fox News, as he “seems to enjoy the interaction with other people, and I think it gives him the opportunity to connect with people.”


Many candidates over-prepare for debates, said Hannity, and he believed Kaine was one of them.

“He did a really good job of memorizing his robotic lines, but it didn’t work in the end,” said Hannity. “He came off as pretty unlikeable, you know constantly interrupting, and Gov. [Mike] Pence used that to his advantage by saying, ‘OK, you memorize your lines, but this is what matters to the American people.”



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  1. Whatever! But Trump Will Come Out Okay!

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