Chris Christie: Bridge-gate Was a ‘Factor’ in Trump VP Decision

Gov. Chris Christie said the fallout from the Bridge-gate scandal played a role in Donald Trump’s running mate decision. “You’d have to ask him, but I’m sure it was a factor,” the Republican governor told Brian Williams on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” program.

The federal trial stems from a 2013 incident. Christie’s former aides are facing charges in deliberately creating traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge as a form of political retribution. They’ll taking the stand as the trial begins.

Williams asked Christie if he feared anything from their testimony.

“Not a thing. I’ve been investigated by everybody for the past three years, including by this network,” Christie said, referring to MSNBC. “No one has ever been able to prove that I knew anything or had any role in this, and this trial will just confirm that.”


Christie said he accepts that some would always believe he is guilty, “but the fact is, if you don’t believe a Democratically appointed U.S. attorney, a Democratic legislature that doesn’t like me much, that investigated me, and one of the biggest law firms in the world, who investigated us as well, all came to the same conclusion, then I’ll never change that person’s mind.”

Christie said he knows he did not break ethics rules, and he believes the results of the trial will show that.

“I’ll put my head on the pillow at night knowing I’ve executed my office ethically, and with integrity. And that’s what this trial will show, too, no matter which way it goes.”


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