Ted Nugent: Trump Represents Earning Your Own Way, Hillary, Blood Suckers

Rocker and Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent tells Newsmax TV that November’s presidential election is vital because it represents two radically different perspectives.

“Donald Trump represents earning your own way. Hillary Clinton represents blood suckers,” Nugent told “The Joe Pags Show.”


Nugent said he relates to Republican nominee Trump when it comes to bias in the mainstream media, having experienced it himself. He said he’s shared those experiences with Trump’s children.

“When the Houston Chronicle, not just the Chicago Tribune, not just the Boston newspapers and the New York newspapers, the Houston Chronicle, a Texas newspaper, put quotes around the following rant ‘all you dirty stinking Mexicans should go back where you came from,’ they attributed that nasty, hateful statement in quotations on the front page of the Houston Chronicle. They claim I said that,” he told Pags.


“No such words ever came out of my mouth. I can give you thousands of examples where the Saul Alinsky zombies in the media will lie and lie and make up the nastiest, most vicious hateful lies they possibly can to hurt someone who denounces their agenda.”

Trump can overcome the biased media, Nugent said, by continuing to articulate the truth.

“There’s good journalists, there’s good teachers and there’s some people in the government that are good, but they’re outnumbered by rotten scum,” he said.



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  1. Well, He’s Right!

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