Fearful of ‘Rigged’ Election, Trump Recruits Monitors for Polling Places

The Washington Times said Donald Trump is recruiting volunteers to monitor polls on Election Day to ward off what he fears could be “rigged” election. But voter-rights groups say the plan borders on voter intimidation, and add that those monitors would not be allowed inside polling places in accordance with federal law.

“I’m not sure he knows what he’s got in mind, but it has heightened our concerns …” Witold Walczak, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, told The Times. “Questioning the integrity of an election is extremely dangerous.”


It’s dangerous for law abiding citizens to monitor, but it’s okay for black panthers to intimidate voters?

Trump said the only way he would lose Pennsylvania to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is if cheating occurs, according to the newspaper.

A section recently added to Trump’s official campaign website explains where supporters can get more information on how to be a “volunteer Trump Election Observer.”

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