Clinton Steps Up Attack on Trump’s ‘Prejudice and Paranoia’ Campaign

Friday Clinton renewed her attack on GOP rival Donald Trump, doubling down on accusations that he’s building his campaign on “prejudice and paranoia.”

“All I can do is point to the evidence of what he has said and what he has done,” Clinton told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program in a telephone interview, doubling down on the comments she made in a speech in Reno, Nevada, Thursday afternoon.

“He questioned the citizenship of President [Barack] Obama,” said Clinton. “He has a disturbing pattern of courting white supremacists. He has been sued for housing discrimination. He attacked a judge for his Mexican heritage. He promised a mass deportation force.”

And if Trump doesn’t respect all Americans, she continued, “how can he serve all Americans?”


She said that in her speech she mentioned Republicans Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, and she has had her differences with them, but she respects them.

“I called out to Bob Dole about what he said in his acceptance speech that all racists should take the exits,” said Clinton. “He pointed to the doors. I am still incredibly grateful that George W. Bush went to that mosque after 9/11 and talked about how Muslims are American citizens as well.

“And John McCain, when confronted with the attacks on President Obama’s birth and his religion, he basically said, ‘Wait a minute. He’s an American citizen. He is a decent person.'”

There is no reason to have disagreements, she continued, as the nation is trying to solve difficult problems and “make sure that the economy works for everybody, not just those at the top, we defeat terrorism and lead the world with strength and steadiness and unify our country.”


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