Russia Building Dozens of Underground Nuclear Command Bunkers

Russia is constructing numerous nuclear command bunkers, The Washington Free Beacon reports. American intelligence officials say the building of dozens of underground bunkers has been proceeding for years and is a clear sign that the West should be concerned about the nuclear use doctrine Moscow is adopting.

NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti warned that Moscow is considering using low-yield nuclear weapons in a future conflict in order to conclude it to its advantage, confident that the West would not respond with nuclear weapons of its own.

The general said this is why he insists that the West’s nuclear deterrence must be enhanced and taken seriously, especially as the Obama administration has been considering a declaration that it would not use nuclear weapons to stop aggression by conventional forces.

The Russian military has progressed in recent years to become a very serious adversary that must be countered, according to RT.

Other experts in the field come to the same conclusion. Mark Schneider of the National Institute for Public Policy says the West’s strategy must be the full modernization of the U.S. nuclear deterrent to counter Russia’s massive build-up of new nuclear weapons and defenses, The Daily Caller reports.

The National Institute for Public Policy also explains that the reasoning behind Russian strategy is to use their nuclear buildup and change in doctrine as a way to intimidate and deter Western states fearful of an escalation from attempting to interfere military against Russian expansionism, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

Russia’s nuclear war preparations are estimated to cost billions of dollars, which has also brought criticism over past American aid to Moscow that was supposed to have been used to help secure their nuclear facilities and not as a means of enhancing them for military purposes.



13 responses

  1. Well…….USA Stay The Hell Out Of Russia’s Business! Stay The Hell Away, Period!

  2. And Rightly So! All Countries Need Bunker’s! So All People Are Safe And Secure! Even Germany! Even France! Etc.! Never Know Who Decides To Nuke Who!

  3. Speaking Of Germany, The Citizens Of Germany Have Been Told To Stock Up On Food And Water for 10 Day’s; In Case Of A Huge Wave-Terrorist-Terrorism ATTACK! Doesn’t Sound Too Good, Simply Because The Citizen’s Are Unarmed! Merkel……..Arm Your Citizens, NOW!

  4. Saudi Arabia, Has Refused To Take In No Iranian Oil At All, Due To The Killing Of A Shiite Cleric?

  5. Egypt, All Christian’s Being Attacked? Huh? Situation Getting Worse? Huh?

  6. Germany, German Military Going Through, All Recruit’s Etc., Figure That ISIS Is TRAINING WITH GERMAN MILITARY? HUH? WHAT?

  7. Germany, A German Islamist Preacher On Trial For Terrorist Ties To Syria?

  8. Syria Has Dropped Chlorine Gas Canister’s On Aleppo? Adult’s And Children Breathing Oxygen? Bad?

  9. UK, Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Receive’s Light Sentence Of 5 Year’s For Recruiting For ISIS Terrorism! And He Beheaded Journalist Jame’s Foley?

  10. Ireland, Police Arrested A Person And Confiscated From 3 Areas Enough Content’s To Make Bomb’s To Do Quite Substantial Harm To People!

  11. Moroccan Terror Suspect Extradited To Austria! Suspected In Taking Part In Paris Terrorist Attack!

  12. Two Men Arrested In London For Plotting A Terrorist Attack!

  13. France Police Shoot A Woman Connected To A Car With Gas Canister’s, Near Not’re Dame Cathedral! Three Women In Total Are Radicalized!

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