Eric Holder: I Doubt Trump’s ‘Intellectual Heft’

Former Attorney General Eric Holder had blunt words for Donald Trump in a CBS News interview airing Friday, saying that he thinks he hides behind bravado to “hide a lack of substance that he has.”

“A person this far along in the process, I think we would know a little more about what his plans are,” Holder told CBS News’ Charlie Rose in an interview recorded Thursday night.

“We’d know more about who his mentors might have been, who his intellectual guides might be. And I don’t have any sense that there is any of that to him. He seems like, he seems to me to be a very shallow man.”


So corrupt Holder speaks.

Holder, who served under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2015, also said that he doubts Trump’s “intellectual heft.”

“He sees everything in black and white terms, and that’s the realm of people who aren’t very smart,” Holder said. “The tough stuff is in the gray areas. That’s where you have to delve and try to figure things out, and he has shown no interest and I would say no capacity to delve in and operate in those gray areas.”

Holder also discussed the nation’s political leanings, and said he believes the country is “moving to the left” because of demographic reasons and “the failure of some conservative policies.” The country wants more when it comes to what its government does and the policies it follows, Holder told Rose, and conservative calls for smaller government are “being challenged, being questioned.”



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  1. Au Contrare Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, And Oblunderit Hide’s Behind CLOSED DOOR’S! Meaning: RACE BAITER’S, SEEING WHAT THEY CAN COOK UP TO START SOME TROUBLE! IT’S CALLED CIVIL UNREST!

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