Campaign Mngr. Manafort: Trump Never Wanted a ‘Yes’ Man

Trump’s campaign chairman downplayed differences between the presumptive GOP nominee and running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, saying the real estate billionaire never wanted a “yes man” on the ticket. In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Manafort declared “This team is not going to see eye to eye on everything.”

“Trump never said he wanted a yes man as vice president,” Manafort said. “He wanted somebody who was experienced, someone who was successful and someone who could help him achieve the objectives in Washington. Gov. Pence does that.”


He also stated that with Pence on the ticket will appeal to supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who unsuccessful ran to be the presumptive Democratic nominee.

“We think that the positions of Donald Trump, the man running for president, and Gov. Pence are in the mainstream of America,” Manafort said. “And we’re confident that the combined Trump/Pence ticket is going to be very appealing to moderates, conservatives and, frankly, liberals who were supporting Bernie Sanders because of his campaign against the rigged system, the rigged Wall Street system, the rigged political system, the rigged trade system.”



One response

  1. One Thing It Is A Rigged And Corrupt System! All Of The System’s Are! It’s Time For A Change In The Best Interest’s Of USA! Trump! Trump The Hard Working, Business Savvy, Builder Of JOB’S For ALL!

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