Obama rants at Trump over Muslim ban

Odummer is really pissed, that Trump even considered, or dared to voice the idea. Obama lit into Donald Trump Tuesday, turning the tables to make the impassioned case that Trump is the one who’s un-American.

Obama’s extraordinary denunciation of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was about far more than a personal intervention on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the ugly general election campaign.

If anyone is un American, it’s that ass in the White House who thinks more of Muslims than he does his own citizens.

Odummer’s fury, which seethed out of him in a stunning soliloquy on live television, amounted to a moment of historic significance: a president castigating one of the two people who could succeed him as beyond the constitutional and political norms of the nation itself.

Gee, did smoke come out of his whatever?

The real estate mogul had returned to that theme on Monday, hinting that in some way the President was complicit or approved of Islamic terror attacks, saying on Fox News, “There is something going on.”


Trump has based his attacks on conspiracy theories that Obama was born outside the country or a closeted Muslim. Obama’s charge, in contrast, was based on his perception that the billionaire Republican’s views are so extreme that he threatens the fabric of America itself.

Odummer also sought to shame Republican leaders, many of whom were left squirming by Trump’s views. Though they differ with many of his views — House Speaker Paul Ryan again on Tuesday rejected the GOP presumptive nominee’s stance on Muslims — they are trapped by his millions of primary voters, who made it clear to the party leadership that the billionaire businessman should be heeded.

“That’s not the America we want,” he said. “It doesn’t reflect our democratic ideals. It will make us less safe.”


What’s making us less safe is this ass and his failed policies.

Obama also drew an implicit analogy between Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim travel and the most “shameful” moments in American history when the government had mistreated its people, adding that then Constitution prohibited religious tests.

“If we ever abandon those values, we would not only make it a lot easier to radicalize people here and around the world, but we would have betrayed the very things we are trying to protect,” Obama warned.


He’s a fine one to talk, speaking of values, when he has none.

Trump responded to the President during his Thursday night rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, saying Obama “was more angry at me than he was at the shooter.”

“The level of anger, that’s the kind of anger that he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn’t be here,” Trump added, blasting Obama as a “lousy president” who had done a “terrible job.”


But Tuesday’s remarks displayed a deeper intensity and anger, reflecting his apparent belief that America had reached a dangerous moment given Trump;s new status as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

“I think the key for President Obama — is he is talking to the world,” presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “Donald Trump isn’t just a candidate who a few months back was talking about banning Muslims from the United States. He has got a lot of momentum.”


He continued, “President Obama wanted to make clear that the United States government, the federal government says no to what Donald Trump is suggesting, that it is hateful bigotry.”

He concluded, “There was ire in his eyes and sarcasm in the way he went after Trump.”

Poor Odummer, finally pissed that so many are giving him hell for the crappy job he’s done as president. Well at least he didn’t try to blame Bush.


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  1. Oblunderit…..Peeode? Too Dam Bad! Did American’s See The Anger In Oblunderit’s Voice At Mr. Trump? Oblunderit Has A Tone Of Sarcasm Out Of Him For Sure, Against Mr. Trump! The Smoke Came Out Of Oblunderit’s Nostril’s, Alright!

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