Sen. Sessions Blasts Obama, Immigration Policy After Orlando Attack

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions criticized President Barack Obama Monday in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, saying the administration’s immigration policy is causing more harm than good.

“No one has a constitutional right to enter the United States,” Sessions said in a statement. “People in this country have the right to be fully protected in the practice of their religion and expression of their political views against unfair treatment based on those beliefs.

“But foreign nationals do not have a right to demand entry to the United States, and it is perfectly appropriate for the country to refuse admission to those whose presence may be detrimental to the national interest.”


Sessions, who represents Alabama on Capitol Hill, is on several Senate committees — including the Judiciary and Armed Services.

Sessions cited the “unprecedented number” of immigrants who are being let into the U.S. every year, including the 10,000 Syrian refugees who are due to be relocated across the Atlantic.

“This President’s failure to accept the reality of the threat we face has only emboldened our enemies, and we should expect more attacks like this one unless this Administration’s dangerous policies dramatically change,” Sessions added.

“This colossal failure of leadership endangers us all. Yesterday’s deadly terror attack tragically underscores the urgent need to change course and secure our country.”


Sessions, who serves a key aide to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, warned Sunday there will likely be more terror attacks on US soil moving forward.


One response

  1. Illegal, Alien, Criminal’s,Immigrant’s, Etc., Have No Legal Right Or Right’s To Enter USA! They Are Not Legal Citizen’s Therefore Have No Right’s Whatsoever To Be On Our USA Soil!

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