GOP Urges Trump to Attack Hillary on Current Issues, Not ’90s

What a bunch of BS. The GOP is running scared. I say tell all on what the pants dropper did, as most millennials weren’t born yet, so they don’t know just how far the corruption of the Clintons go.

Donald Trump’s campaign is gathering all the dirt it has on Hillary Clinton for a speech the presumptive nominee will deliver Monday, Politico reports.

Trump intends to lay out a slate of reasons why Clinton is not trustworthy to be president. Interested GOP observers just hope that slate is a current one, focusing more on Clinton’s email scandal, for one, rather than the salacious scandals of the ’90s. In other words, they want to see Trump stay on point.

“It needs to be credible. He can’t give a ‘four Pinocchios’ tin-foil hat speech,” Bruce Haynes, a GOP strategist in Washington told Politico. “If he’s going to disqualify her, the evidence that supports his case has to be legitimate … The good news for Trump is there is more than enough credible evidence out there to organize and demonstrate why she should never be president.”


Trump’s team believes that credible evidence can be found in three areas:

Clinton Foundation corruption; speaking fees bought her out.
Benghazi and the private e-mail server.
Clinton’s attack on women linked to affairs with husband, Bill.
There has been no announcement from Trump’s campaign about the location or exact time of this Monday speech. Though as Bloomberg reported, Trump discussed logistics in front of a gaggle of reporters earlier this week.

“I don’t even know where yet. I think we are gonna do it in Washington at the club,” Trump said, referring to the Trump National Golf Course in suburban Virginia, Bloomberg reports. “Let’s do it at the club” he said to an aide … “But it would depend on the weather and stuff.”


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  1. And That’s Another Fine Bunch Of HOR$E$H-T For Sure!

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