Gingrich: Trump remarks about judge ‘mistake,’ ‘inexcusable’

Sunday, Donald Trump supporter Newt Gingrich sharply criticized the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for his racially-sensitive remarks about the judge presiding over the Trump University civil fraud case.

“It was one of the worst mistakes Trump has made. Inexcusable,” the former GOP House speaker, who has become one of Trump’s closest advisers, told “Fox News Sunday.”

Fox News

Trump has argued that American-born District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, whose parents are from Mexico, is biased against him, considering Trump’s vow to build a wall along the southern U.S. border to keep out Mexicans.

“He’s Mexican,” Trump told CNN on Friday. “We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.”

Gingrich, whose is considered a potential Trump running-mate, also called the comment a “mistake” but stopped short of calling it racist.

“That judge is not a Mexican. He’s an American,” he said. “I hope it was sloppiness.”

Fox News

Gingrich continued to laud Trump, particularly for the first-time candidate’s defeat of 16 other major GOP candidates to win the party nomination.

“I’m amazed at his speed, how fast he learns,” Gingrich said. “He’s a remarkable leader. We have a very good relationship.”

However, he argued the billionaire businessman is at a “turning point” in which he must become more disciplined and take more of his campaign advisers’ advice if he wants to defeat Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton in the general election.

“Compared to Hillary Clinton, I’d support Donald Trump all year,” Gingrich said. “She’s a much more flawed person.”

Fox News


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