Hannity: I’m Voting For Trump in November

Tuesday Fox News host Sean Hannity set social media tongues wagging when he said during an interview with Donald Trump that he plans to vote for the presumptive GOP nominee in November.

“I am not the corrupt press. I’m actually the conservative here,” Hannity said on his show Tuesday as Trump dodged his question about who he might name to cabinet positions.  “You happen to be right about that,” Trump said of Hannity’s assessment. Trump earlier Tuesday slammed the political press, many of whom he accused of bias against him.

“Yeah, well I’m an opinion show,” Hannity told Trump. “I don’t hold back that I’ll be voting for Donald Trump in November.”

“Thank you,” Trump responded.


During the interview, Trump against slammed Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who is pushing an independent conservative to run against Trump.

“It’s a guaranteed loss,” Trump said. “You can’t even get on [the ballot] in Texas now because they missed their deadline. Now they’re missing other deadlines, and all he’s doing is I guess trying to get publicity for his failing magazine, I imagine.”


Trump said he’d consider Hannity’s suggestion to release a written list of his campaign issues, much like he did recently with a list of possible Supreme Court nominees.

“Maybe put it in gold leaf. Make it Trump style,” Hannity suggested.

While most people already know his views on building a border wall, returning jobs to America and helping veterans, he said, “it’s possible I would do something like this.”



One response

  1. Excellent Hannity! Hannity Tell’s It Like it Is! As For The Rest Of The Media…….They Can’t Control All Situation’s So They Just Run Their Mouth’s Of Negativity Against Mr. Trump! Mud Slinger’s, Sore Loser’s, Are All One Of The Same! For Sure!

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