Trump-GOP Victory fund purportedly nets $6M at premier LA fundraiser

The first fundraiser for Donald Trump’s Trump Victory fund took in $6.6 million, sources told Fox News on Friday. The total collected at the Los Angeles event for the fund — a joint effort between the Republican Party and the Trump campaign — suggests the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is indeed attracting top donors.

The New York Times recently reported that several GOP mega-donors won’t support a Trump candidacy. The fundraiser Wednesday was hosted by Colony Capital founder Thomas Barrack. Tickets started at $150 and 150 people attended.

Officials expected to raise just $3 million to $4 million, and the final tally “defied all expectations,” the sources also said. Money from the Victory fund will go the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and state GOP parties for November races Trump and the RNC in recent days formalized the joint-fundraising deal, after Trump became the presumptive nominee in early May.

The real estate mogul financed his primary campaign with millions of his own money and small-dollar donation. But he has turned to the party for help in what could be a $1 billion general election effort. Trump recently told Fox News that he might have to “sell a building” from his real estate empire to finance a White House bid.

“To finance a billion dollars I would have to sell a building,” he said. “Will I do that? I could. I have the option of doing it.”

Fox News


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