Democratic Leaders Design New Rules For State Conventions

Trump is right, both parties are so corrupt, and the system is rigged. Democratic Party leaders have reportedly come up with new guidelines for state conventions in hopes of avoiding a repeat of the chaos that erupted in Nevada last weekend.

Politico reports the proposed rules from New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley, president of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, came at a Friday meeting to discuss the party’s July national convention. The proposals would require the campaigns of presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders to send senior staff to the remaining state conventions.

Leaders at the convention would also need to provide proposed rules to both campaigns and the Democratic National Committee 48 hours in advance — and campaigns would help cover the cost of any needed law enforcement or security.

Buckley also called for campaigns and the DNC work more closely together to help conventions run more smoothly.

But these new rules represent only short-term fixes – and not broader gestures to soothe Sanders’s supporters who feel the party apparatus has worked against them.

“Now is that going to change some diehards’ minds about how they should look at the party and stuff? I don’t know. Probably not,” Idaho Democratic Party chairman Bert Marley tells Politico.

“But I think it will help with a lot of people that are new to the process and just are having a little trouble figuring out what’s going on. I think that’s more what this is addressed to: how do we help these people navigate through the process so their voices are heard and they can walk away with it whether they’re successful or not and say, ‘I made a difference, I was part of the process.'”



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  1. The Corruption of Both Parties At their Finest!

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