Rubio Hires Washington Superlawyer For Post-Senate Career Talks

Rubio is leaving office in January, but job offers are already pouring in from a variety of sectors interested in putting the one-time GOP presidential candidate to work, says Washington super lawyer Robert Barnett, who the Florida Republican has hired to handle the inquiries.

“Sen. Rubio has already received many — and will receive many more — inquiries from interested individuals and entities,” Barnett told Politico Florida in an email. “They come from a wide variety of sectors and reflect the fact that he will be in high demand.”


Barnett negotiated $1.3 million in book deals for Rubio, and has also represented President Barack Obama and other former presidents, as well as other former presidential candidates in addition to Rubio.

He never said who is making the offers for Rubio, but commented that “many of the speakers bureaus” are interested in signing the Florida senator on. In addition, he said Rubio, a part-time instructor for Florida International University in Miami, will likely do some teaching.

Negotiations for Rubio’s services won’t start until after guidance is received from the Senate Ethics Committee, said Barnett, but Rubio has already ruled out working as a lobbyist or on Wall Street.

Rubio plans to remain living in the Miami area, and has not ruled out another campaign for the presidency, although he has said he is not running in the Florida governor’s race in 2018.

According to Rubio’s staff, hiring Barnett will allow him to concentrate on his job as senator during his remaining months in office this year. He was highly criticized for missing Senate votes while he was still in the presidential race, but has not missed any votes after dropping out of the race in March.

Robert Walker, a former chief counsel and staff director of the Senate and House ethics committees, said that since Rubio is not planning to lobby, he can enter into negotiations with a future employer.

If he does that, he will have to file a public disclosure within three days and stay out of votes that could create a conflict of interest, Walker said.
Others who have employed Barnett over the years include former House Speaker John Boehner, ex-Sen. Bob Dole, outgoing Senate majority leaders Trent Lott and Tom Daschle; departing Sens. Blanche Lincoln, Jon Kyl, Joe Lieberman, John Breaux and Sam Nunn; and representatives John McHugh, Tom Reynolds and Tillie Fowler.

He has also represented Obama, former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush in their book deals.

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