Trump accuses Bush, Graham of breaking GOP loyalty pledge

Saturday, Trump accused former primary rivals Jeb Bush and Sen. Lindsey Graham of breaking a candidates’ pledge to the party’s eventual nominee. “Jeb Bush isn’t an honorable person. Lindsey Graham isn’t an honorable person,” Trump said at a rally in Spokane, Washington, ahead of the state’s May 24 primary.

Fox News

All 17 major GOP presidential candidates in September 2015 purportedly signed the loyalty pledge, which was issued by the Republican National Committee and also committed the signees to not running as an independent or write-in candidate, or supporting a candidate from another party.

“Bush signed a pledge. While signing it, he fell asleep,” Trump told the crowd Saturday, returning to his knock on the former Florida GOP governor as “super low energy.”

Fox News

Trump is the presumptive nominee after his decisive primary win Tuesday in Indiana that knocked out his last two party rivals — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Trump suggested Saturday that he is going after Bush and Graham again because they, in the aftermath of his Indiana win, are not supporting him.

“Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham are light-weights,” continued Trump, who was perhaps hardest on Graham, a South Carolina senator.

“When we went to South Carolina, he thought he had power. My 10-year-old son Barron had more power,” Trump said. “A total dope constantly on TV knocking me.”

Fox News


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  1. It’s Far Too Late Now For Jebster And Whammy Ghrahamy To Remotely Try And Conquer And Divide The Republican Party; For A New Party World Order To Come About! Sound’s Like The Way Europe Does Business In Parliament, Does It Not? The Fighting And What Not! For Sure!

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