UK PM Cameron: Trump Policy on Muslims Wrong, Won’t Apologize

Cameron is an idiot….Europe is overrun by Muslims, who pillage and rape a system and its citizens dry….they don’t assimilate into a society, they come and try to take over.

Thursday British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would not apologize to Donald Trump after he became the Republican party’s presumptive presidential candidate for calling his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States stupid and wrong.

Cameron made the comment about Trump after the reality TV star and real estate developer vowed last December to ban all Muslims from entering the United States if he succeeded in his bid to become the next U.S. president.

“I won’t change that view and I don’t change that view and I’m very clear that the policy idea that was put forward was wrong, is wrong and will remain wrong, so I’m very clear about that,” Cameron told reporters when asked if he would now apologise.


But of course, Cameron did pay tribute to Trump for effectively clinching his party’s nomination this week after the departure of his two remaining rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

“Knowing the gruelling nature of the primaries and what you have to go through, anyone who makes it through that extraordinary contest to lead their party into a general election deserves our respect,” he said.



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  1. Cameron…..You Dam Fool-Village Idiot! Muslim’s: Don’t Assimilate Into Society! Muslim’s Rape Women, Pillage Countries, Rape Welfare System’s, Don’t Want To Work, Stab Their Own People, Stab And Murder Your Country Men, Women, And Children, Molest Children,Rape Animal’s, Inflick Their Muslim Way’s Upon All People; Which Is NOT RIGHT BY ANY MEAN’S! They The MOOSLIME’S, Are Trying To Mass Takeover Of Every Country All Over The Whole World; Which Is NOT RIGHT! Send All MOOSLIME’S BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY, ON THEIR OWN SOIL WHERE THEY BELONG! THEN ALL COUNTRIES CAN REST SAFELY!

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