Corey Lewandowski: Trump Will Get ‘1,300 Delegates’ or More

Donald Trump will get “beyond” the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the GOP presidential nomination, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski insisted Tuesday while calling for Ted Cruz to drop out of the race and unite behind Trump against Hillary Clinton.

“Ted Cruz is mathematically eliminated and should unite behind Donald Trump so we have one singular message,” Lewandowski told CNN’s “New Day” program.

“The bottom line is, Donald Trump will be the nominee and after tonight, when the people of Indiana vote, and they will vote for Donald Trump, he is not only the presumptive nominee but going to be the Republican nominee moving forward.”


He also predicted that Trump won’t only achieve enough delegates to take the nomination on a first ballot at the Republican National Convention in July, but he’ll have more than enough.

“We’ve seen in the last two weeks Ted Cruz received literally no delegates between the New York primary and the five northeast states,” said Lewandowski. “Zero delegates in the last two weeks.”


Lewandowski said that Trump is starting to get support from Washington politicians and state party leaders in his bid.

“You see more and more endorsements,” said Lewandowski. “We are growing this party, bringing more people in who have never been involved and that will allow us to be successful come November.”
Lewandowski also denied claims that Trump uses divisive language that divides the American voters, as they “are smart, and it’s time to talk to the American people like they talk at home.

“Politicians who are all talk, no action, are very good in making empty promises for the last 30 years they’ve gone to Washington, D.C., and said they’re going to do something and didn’t.”



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