Manafort: Cruz Disrupting GOP But He’s Not Hurting Trump

Paul Manafort, said Sunday morning, Ted Cruz is causing a lot of “party disruption,” but he’s just hurting the Republican Party itself and not GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign.

“He’s still going to win the votes cast on the first ballot, and there’s going to be no second ballot, which will be very clear when the [election] process is over on June 7,” Manafort told Fox News’ Chris Wallace about Trump on the “Fox News Sunday” program.


Cruz commented that Trump is “trying to fool gullible voters and he’s not going to do any of it,” after Manafort met with members of the Republican National Committee in Florida and told them the front-runner plans to tone down his campaign.

“He’s not going to build a wall, he is not going to deport anyone,” Cruz said, prompting Manafort on Sunday to dismiss those comments as coming from a person who is losing his bid for the GOP nomination.

“There’s the liar, not Trump,” said Manafort, insisting that Trump has not changed his platform. “[Cruz] has got to change the narrative. He’s losing. He is on the cusp of having the nomination be mathematically taken away from him and so he’s trying to change the narrative.”


Trump addressed the issue “completely” on the trail on Saturday, said Manafort.

“On the campaign setting you’re seeing the real Donald Trump in campaign mode talking to people who believe in his candidacy,” said Manafort. “I was dealing with members of the Republican National Committee who have a different role from an organizational standpoint…we were evolving the campaign, not the candidate.”

Manafort, a longtime Washington lobbyist and strategist, denied that Trump was leaving behind his standing as an “outsider” by hiring him.

“I’m not running for president,” said Manfort, nothing that Trump is an outsider who has “clearly established his credentials with the American people by virtue of what he said he’s going to do,” while Cruz is “about to be mathematically eliminated next week.”



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