Gingrich Calls Trump ‘Presumptive Republican Nominee’

Donald Trump’s blowout victory in the New York primary makes him the “presumptive Republican nominee,” writes former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

In an op-ed for the Washington Times, Gingrich argues that Trump’s win in his home state puts him in complete control of the presidential race. Trump, a New York resident whose business is based in Manhattan, won 89 delegate votes in Tuesday’s primary. His main rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, did not win any.

Gingrich examines the other two big states to have voted thus far — Texas and Florida — and looks at upcoming primaries in states like New Jersey and California.

“Every analysis of the next few weeks indicates Trump’s margin will widen and he will move steadily closer to 1237,” Gingrich writes. “Already, he is only 392 short before any undecided delegates, Rubio delegates, and the like are counted.


“These are the numbers of a presumptive nominee, not a front runner. If this were any candidate but Donald Trump, the media would be saying his rivals’ efforts were hopeless and the establishment would be pressuring them to exit the race.”


Trump has 845 delegate votes, Cruz has 559, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich has 147.

Not everyone in the GOP — including its big donors — is happy about Trump’s rise. Gingrich argues that the party must unite behind Trump.
“It is time for the GOP establishment to work with this new reality rather than wage war against it,” he writes.



One response

  1. If They Don’t Get On The Trump Train….And They Don’t Get Behind Trump And Back Him………They Will Divide This Country Of USA What’s Left Of It! Plus….There Will Never, Ever Be JOB’S! Family WAGE JOB’S For All!

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