Hillary Sports Poor Favorability Ratings Nationwide

According to multiple polls, Hillary Clinton is viewed as unfavorable by nearly 60 percent of the country. The Huffington Post calculates Clinton’s unfavorability rating to be at 56 percent, much higher than Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (43 percent), her opponent in the Democrat race for president.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who trails Donald Trump in the Republican race, is also at 56 percent. Trump is viewed unfavorably by 64 percent of the voters, according to the Huffington Post figures.

“They’re pretty bad,” Democratic strategist Brad Bannon told The Hill regarding Clinton’s numbers.

“The No. 1 reason that her favorability is so bad is that you have large numbers of Americans who say they don’t trust her. “I could make it sound more complicated than that, but that’s really what it is. Voters see her as the ultimate politician, who will do or say anything to get elected.”


Clinton has struggled to get the support of young voters, who are flocking to Sanders instead. Sanders, however, trails Clinton in the delegate total, 1,758 to 1,069.

Stupid young people….they believe his line of BS, that everything in life should be free.

Last weekend, Sanders was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper about Clinton’s recent comment that young voters “don’t do their own research” when it comes to fueling their political beliefs.

“I think that’s a little bit condescending,” Sanders told CNN. “I’ll tell you my experience with young people. … I see them every day because they’re coming out to our rallies. These are young people who want to be involved in shaping the future of this country.”


Several issues have dogged Clinton on the campaign trail, including her email scandal, the amount of money she earned in speeches, and her family’s foundation.

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