Graham Tells Arab World: US Hasn’t Changed Despite Trump

Maybe we can talk them into keeping him. Laughing Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says that residents of the Middle East should not be too alarmed at the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president.

Graham, who is leading a Republican congressional delegation touring the Middle East, told reporters in Cairo Sunday that, “the Congress is going to be around no matter who is the president.”


Trump leads the field of Republican presidential contenders and has stirred controversy in the Middle East by suggesting a blanket ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S.

Graham also said he wants the U.S. to increase its military aid to Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, whose government is battling an insurgency by militants affiliated with the Islamic State group.

With $1.3 billion annually, Egypt is the second-largest recipient of U.S. military aid after Israel.

Like typical politicians, he’s awfully “free”, with “our” money isn’t he?


One response

  1. Maybe Graham Should Stay There Permanently! Free With American’s Money? For Sure! Free, And Sure Of Himself! Wasteful!

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