Cruz: Trump ‘Terrified’ of Debating Me

Cruz you fool, he’s already debated you 12 times and you lost them all. Enough is enough, keep your pants zipped, and move on. Cruz said Monday during a TV interview that Donald Trump is “terrified” to debate him because his arguments on policy lack substance.

“Donald Trump and I should be debating directly one-on-one,” Cruz told Sean Hannity on Fox News. “I’d be very happy to have a debate with Donald Trump on your show. We could do two hours on your show.

“But Donald is unwilling to debate the substance. I’m willing to show up anywhere. Donald is terrified to show up anywhere. Tomorrow night, we’ve got two town halls on CNN back to back. We’re in the same place, and yet Donald refuses to show up on stage with me because he cannot defend his policies.”


Cruz, you are nothing to be afraid of. You are just another typical BS politician.

Cruz said the pair, who are both vying for the Republican presidential nomination, should be debating topics such as job creation, raising wages, and defeating the Islamic State (ISIS) and other terror groups.

“The reason Donald doesn’t want to talk about those is because he doesn’t have solutions,” Cruz said. “These are serious times, and we need a president who is up to the task and knows how to turn things around.”



One response

  1. Mr. Trump…..Lacking Substance? American’s Have Spoken……..H-ll Noooo! Cruz…..Umm……Shallow? Yes And Yes! Cruz Weak In The Mind And Soul? Yes And Yes! Cruz A WOMANIZER? For Sure! Cruz…….Zip Your Lip’s And Keep Your Drawer’s Zipped Up! Cruz You’re A Pig, A Cheater, A Disgrace To The Human Race, A Womanizer, And Once Again A PIG!

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