Ash Carter: Brussels Points to Need For Europe to Work Harder Against ISIS

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Wednesday night the attacks in Brussels point to the need for Europe to work harder to defeat ISIS, and it’s not enough just in the Middle East.

“It is not enough that we defeat them in Iraq and Syria,” Carter told CNN’s Carol Costello in an interview that aired on Thursday’s “New Day” program. “What Brussels tells us is that they have sympathizers, people who are Belgians or French, who live there already.


The Brussels events will also signify to Europeans that they need to accelerate their efforts against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and to join U.S. efforts, the defense secretary said.

Meanwhile, the United States’ law enforcement and intelligence communities are on alert for treats at home, said Carter, and there are fewer self-radicalized people in this country who travel to Syria to join forces with ISIS.

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