US election 2016: Jorge Ramos on Donald Trump’s rise

Fifty seven year old hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos has presented TV news for 30 years. About 1.9 million viewers a night watch his Univision programme. He has interviewed 60 heads of state from almost every country in South and North America.

For Hispanics living in the US, Mr Ramos is about as close to a journalistic god as it gets. Or in the language of Donald Trump, Mr Ramos is, despite his slightly diminutive stature, “yooge”.

It’s worth bringing up Mr Trump because at the moment he is Mr Ramos’ nemesis. When it comes to issues of immigration and race concerning Hispanic voters in the US, Mr Ramos does not pretend to be neutral. Indeed, his new book Take A Stand is a manifesto for journalists to speak out against racism and bigotry.

Mr Ramos believes the US media has been too soft on Mr Trump and hasn’t asked him the tough questions that should be asked of a man running for the White House.

He has not had a chance to interview the Republican front-runner and he was briefly ejected from a Trump news conference in August. But if he did, Mr Ramos would like to ask about that famous wall that Mexico is apparently going to pay for and the 11 million undocumented immigrants that Mr Trump has promised to deport. Whatever your position, it would make for a fascinating interview.



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