Hillary Targeting NRA, Gun Lobby

The NRA is under fire from Hillary Clinton who is pushing the issue of gun violence to the center of her presidential campaign. The Wall Street Journal reports Clinton has teamed up with Mothers of the Movement — whose members have been affected by shootings, police overreach and racism — to hold town hall meetings to discuss the nation’s gun laws.

She’s confronting the NRA and promoting the need for tougher background checks and increased regulation of firearms sales at gun shows. Grover Norquist recently said his tax organization uncovered a 1990s plan authored by Clinton to place a 25 percent tax on gun purchases. He believes a gun tax plan could cost her the 2016 election.

Taking on the NRA is a shift from Clinton’s first White House run in 2008, says The Journal, which writes her “calculation is that attitudes toward expanded background checks and new regulation of gun-show sales have changed enough in the aftermath of a succession of mass shootings to lower the political risks.”



One response

  1. Oh Americans Get It Hildebeast, You Want To Disarm All Americans! All Americans Have The Legal Right To Own And Bear ARMS! Except Felons-CRIMINALS! Hildebeast, You Bhenghazi Mess Up Queen!

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