German lawmakers squash plan to promote pork in face of Muslim migration

These crazy fools, I’d feed them more pork. A proposal to ensure pork remained “part of the food on offer in public canteens as well as schools and kindergartens” failed to pass the parliament in a northern German state, according to English language German news site The Local.

Lawmakers in Schleswig-Holstein who supported the plan argued that pork had been removed from menus across the region in order to conform to Islamic customs. Germany has seen an influx of Muslims among the refugees streaming in from Syria and other wartorn parts of the world. Devout Muslims are forbidden from eating pork.

If they don’t like it, get the hell out of Germany and go home.

“More and more canteens, kindergartens and schools are taking pork out of their menus so as to cater for religious custom,” Christian Democratic Union parliament leader Daniel Gunther said.

Fox News

But many in opposing parties mocked the measure.

“Vegetarians, vegans and Muslims are in a Holy Trinity: taking over power in Schleswig-Holstein canteens,” Social Democratic Party deputy leader Ralf Stegner wrote on Twitter.

Fox News


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  1. Face It The More You All Cave Into The Mooslime’s Way’s; You All Become Like Them! You Dam, Fool’s, Idiot’s, When Will You All Learn? Huh? What Does It Take? You Stop Playing Favorite’s To Their Every Whim; Or You Will Never Have A Germany! Feed Them Pork, Just Like Everyone Else EAT’S! There Is Nothing WRONG WITH PORK! IT’S VERY, VERY, DELICIOUS! EAT MORE PORK! IT’S FOOD; SO EAT IT! Mooslime’s Come To Germany, So…..EAT PORK AND ABIDE BY ALL RULE’S AND THE LAW’S! OR ELSE……..MOOSLIME’S…………GET THE HELL OUT OF ALL COUNTRIES: INCLUDING GERMANY! GO TO YOUR OWN HOMELAND IF YOU MOOSLIME’S DON’T LIKE IT…..LEAVE!

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