State Dept finishes Clinton email release

Monday the State Department released the final installment of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails from her private server, bringing the total to more than 2,000 emails containing classified information.

The 261 new classified emails are among the approximately 1,700 emails in 3,800 pages released by State Department in the 14th, and final, Clinton email release.

Monday’s release brings the total number of classified Clinton emails to 2,080 among the more than 52,000 pages of emails she turned in to the State Department last year.

In releasing the final batch of 3,800 documents, the department also settled a long-running dispute over one sensitive email as intelligence agencies dropped a months-long demand an exchange on North Korea’s nuclear program be designated “top secret,” the highest level of classification.

The State Department, which had insisted the information was not classified at all, partially won its battle over the document as the intelligence community revised its initial assessment and determined the information was “secret,” the next lower classification.

“Based on subsequent review, the intelligence community revisited its earlier assessment,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters. He added: “The original assessment was not correct and the document does not contain top secret information.”

Fox News

Monday was the deadline set by a federal judge to release the final documents from the private server Clinton exclusively used while in government. Clinton aides went through her emails and turned over the ones they determined to be work-related.

The State Department claims that no emails Clinton wrote or received were marked as classified at the time of transmission, which Clinton has repeatedly cited in her own defense.

Intelligence officials however tell Fox News this is a dubious claim, and that all the emails were born classified.

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