Trump Leads By 34 Points in Massachusetts, Dems Tied

The Emerson College Polling Society took to Twitter on Sunday night and released new numbers summing up the primary races in Massachusetts. The poll states real estate mogul Donald Trump remains the clear front-runner for the Republican Party and Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat with 46 percent support each.

Trump is leading in the Bay State’s GOP primary with 50 percent of the vote, 34 percentage points ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio, who is in second place.

On the Democratic side, Clinton and Sanders.

Gee, another coin flip perhaps?

According to Politico, the polling group has yet to release further details about their methodology, which will help determine the accuracy of the results.

“Regardless, pretty striking results,” Politico reports. “Buckle up for a whole lot of spin and takes around these numbers.”



One response

  1. Excellent For Trump! Flip A Coin For Lezziebeast Or Sanders? What Is USA Becoming? Huh? A Flipflop For Sure!

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