Donald Trump: My Campaign ‘A Message Of Optimism’

Donald Trump told 11,000 supporters at this campaign rally in Tampa, Florida that his campaign message is one of “optimism,” not anger. Trump – who acknowledged Gov. Nikki Haley’s statement that he and his supporters are angry about the direction of the country – said his campaign isn’t only about being angry, but rather, “This is a message of optimism.”

“I don’t see any negativity to it,” Trump said about his campaign. “We’re going to make this country better than it’s ever been before.”


Trump, who spoke Friday night in Tampa to 11,000 supporters, announced, “Today I just settled with Univision.”

Trump had sued Univision for breaking the contract to carry the Miss USA pageant, which Trump previously owned, in protest of Trump’s statements about illegal immigration.

One response

  1. Alright Let’s Put It To American’s Another Way! Who Brokered A Deal With Cuba? Huh? Oblunderit! Who Are The Two Presidential Candidate’s Of Cuban Decent? Time’s Up! Both Rubio And Cruz! Rubio Had An AFFAIR, That’s Why He’s Soooo, Nervous! Cruz Wasn’t Born On American Soil! Therefore, Automatically Disqualification For Running for Any Office Or Presidency Of USA! It’s The Law!

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