Clinton Foundation Events Colliding With Campaign

The Clinton Foundation may scale back its operation during the presidential campaign because it’s being viewed as a “distraction” by some of Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

Politico reports the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) — considered the showcase of the foundation headed by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton — is started catching heat from some donors.

“Sources say corporate donors have expressed reservations about writing sponsorship checks to have their CEOs appear on CGI panels with Chelsea Clinton rather than her father,” Politico says.

“And some Clinton Foundation staffers bristled when [Chelsea] was elevated to become a named foundation principle.”


Donors also found it “haughty” when official materials began referring to Chelsea as “Dr. Chelsea Clinton” — which refers to her PhD in international relations from Oxford University.

The foundation is so concerned, it has commissioned a study from a top Boston consulting firm on how to improve its operation of CGI.

In addition, Clinton Foundation CEO Donna Shalala has warned staff of “possible restructuring and election year uncertainty,” Politico says.

Philanthropy professional Derek Yach, an adviser to CGI, told the political news website that Chelsea would likely concede she is “not yet at the level of unique convening capability of her father.”
He added there is “a little bit of caution” around CGI until “we know the result of the election.”


2 responses

  1. I don’t think the story is particularly important. I just found it funny they didn’t realize that to 99% of the world CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. It’s like these TV commercials for a trade school I’ve been seeing, for United Technology Institute, when UTI is more commonly known to stand for a urinary tract infection.

  2. Oooooh? UTI, Mean’s Useless Testosterone, And Infection!

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