Christie Conceds No Due Process in His Gun Ban

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie concedes there is no due process for Americans who find themselves on the Department of Homeland Security’s Terrorist Watch List. But that doesn’t mean prohibitions against buying guns should be lifted from people who end up on the list.

“There should be, but there isn’t at the moment,” the New Jersey governor, who himself recently signed a bill banning people on the list from buying guns in his state. “From what I understand from talking to people who have been on it, it is a very, very difficult thing to be able to work your way off.”


Christie said he does think there should be a much easier way to challenge ending up on the list, if you can “demonstratively prove you’re not a terrorist,” but still, he thinks it’s “probably a good thing” for the government to be able to do that.”

But he does not think he made a mistake signing the prohibition bill in New Jersey.

“In the end, you’re talking about the rare exception,” the former federal prosecutor said. “I mean, everyone can come up with an exception when the government messes something up, but I don’t think you throw out the entire law because you can find one or two exceptions. You fix the exceptions.”


Christie also defended his stance on barring guns from people on the list, telling Fox News Sunday that most Americans agree with him, reports The Blaze.

“As president, I would make sure the terror watch list was actually accurate, but I think most Americans believe if you’re on the terror watch list, you shouldn’t be able to buy guns,” he told show host Chris Wallace. However, he said he has not changed his stance on gun control laws, and has vetoed several bills that would have enforced stronger measures.



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