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Rubio calls out Trump on Putin, takes on Cruz, immigration

Rubio should just give up….he was a member of the gang of 8, so who can forget that fiasco. Sunday Rubio pushed back at Donald Trump saying the GOP frontrunner shouldn’t be flaunting praise he gets from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Franklin Graham Backs Va. Officials, Closing Schools Over Islam Assignment

Yes, if Christianity can’t be taught in schools, neither should any other religion. The Rev. Franklin Graham backed officials in a Virginia county for closing 24 schools on Friday after parents balked at a homework assignment on Islam.

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State Dept. issues ‘urgent’ message to Americans about possible terror attack in Pakistan capital

Saturday the State Department issued an “urgent message” warning about a possible terror attack in the Pakistan capital of Islamabad during the holiday season. The agency said the message to Americans in the region was issued as a result of “threat information” and that possible targets include places of worship and shopping centers.

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Nigerian troops, Boko Haram clash in army chief’s village

Saturday Boko Haram gunmen launched a dawn raid on the hometown of Nigeria’s army chief, triggering a fierce gunbattle with troops, residents of a nearby village to which people fled the clashes said.

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Sanders camp accuses DNC of move to ‘undermine’ campaign, files lawsuit as spying dispute flares

The dispute between the DNC and Bernie Sanders’ campaign deepened on Friday, as the campaign lashed out at party leaders for blocking its access to voter data and then filed a lawsuit claiming it was “sustaining irreparable injury and financial losses.”

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Lawmakers tell Obama not to use Ft. Hood to house illegal immigrant kids

Obama was told by 2 Texas lawmakers this week that they oppose a possible plan to use Fort Hood military base to house unaccompanied minors who illegally crossed into the U.S. from Mexico. Republican congressmen John Carter and Roger Williams, whose districts both include parts of the sprawling military base, say they wrote the letter after learning the Pentagon has assigned a team to assess the possibility of using it and other bases to house young immigrants.

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Feds can’t say whereabouts of those whose visas were revoked over terror threat

This proves how stupid and arrogant that liar in chief is. Only a fool who didn’t give a damn, would turn a blind eye, and not make sure they were booted out of the country. And this folks, we can blame on all the idiots who voted for him.

Obama Administration Approves 3 Million New Foreign Workers

About 3 million new foreign workers reportedly got the green light to enter the United States in 2013 alone — and a proposed $1.1 trillion funding bill does nothing to address the Obama administration’s breakneck pace for issuing work permits, work visas and green cards, critics charge.

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Bush Waffles on Pledge to Support Trump Nomination

Jeb Bush reportedly may be considering a refusal to support front-running rival Donald Trump if the real estate billionaire becomes the party’s standard-bearer. Politico reports senior aides began looking into the possibility of Bush making a clear break with Trump at Tuesday night’s fifth GOP debate in Las Vegas — and though it didn’t happen, the option “may still be on the table.”

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Lawmakers seek to delay 3 ObamaCare taxes as part of year-end budget deal

Tuesday night, Congressional lawmakers plan to announce an agreement night to delay three ObamaCare taxes as part of final-stretch talks to complete a massive, year-end spending and tax package. The delays to the health care law’s medical device tax, so-called “Cadillac tax” and health insurance tax will be part of a larger tax break package that is expected to pass.

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