Obama: Assad inviting Russian military into Syria

Obama, you are the biggest ass to ever be the head of a country.  Now I’ve heard everything, blame Assad, for a mess you and your fellow crony, world leaders created in the first place, when you removed those heads of state in the middle east.

Obama says it appears Syrian President Bashar Assad is inviting the Russian military into his country because he’s worried about his grip on power.

Who is worried?  It looks like Odummer is the one worried, or he would keep his mouth shut, and wipe out ISIS, once and for all.

Obama’s comments came in response to a question from a U.S. service member during a town hall with troops. His remarks are his first on the Russian military build-up in Syria.

Russia has said it is bolstering Assad’s army because it is the most effective force to fight the Islamic State, which has caused chaos in both Syria and Iraq. The U.S., however, sees Assad as part of the problem and blames him for creating the vacuum for extremism inside Syria.

One response

  1. Ole Oblunder Should Keep His Mouth Shut! He Made The Problem, No One Else Did! Odummer, Running Scared? If Ole Oblunder Wanted To, He Would Have Wiped Out ISIS, A Long Time Ago! Did He Ever Want To Do So? Nah, As In Not, No! Most Likely, He Did Not Want To Do It, At All, In The First Place! No Guts!

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