Obama Points to Israel As Only Country Opposing Iran Nuke Deal

He’s full of hot air. Saudi Arabia, and most of the American people are against this deal.  Obama says every country that has commented on the Iran nuclear deal has supported it — except for Israel. He says that because he hates Israel with a passion.

He  is singling out Israel’s government in a speech about the deal at American University. He’s describing opponents of the deal as outliers and noting that the deal has support from non-proliferation experts and former ambassadors from both political parties.

Obama is also chiding critics who had opposed his interim nuclear deal, but who now say it’s better than the final deal. He says thwarting the nuclear deal will actually accelerate Iran’s race for a nuclear weapon.

Obama acknowledged that Iran might use cash coming its way under sanctions relief to fund “terrorist organizations” but argued this is preferable to allowing it to develop nuclear arms.

“The truth is, that Iran has always found a way to fund these efforts,” Obama said, in a speech to defend the Iran nuclear deal.

“And whatever benefit Iran may claim from sanctions relief pales in comparison to the danger it could pose with a nuclear weapon.”


He would also try to make us believe that Iran will be more capable of building a nuclear weapon if the deal is blocked by Congress and a military solution will only drive its nuclear development deeper underground.

Opponents of the deal say it does not go far enough to ensure that Iran will never be able to develop a nuclear weapon and argue that lifting sanctions on Iran will only empower it to do so.

Obama said many of the criticisms, which are made widely by Republicans in Congress, can be attributed to “knee-jerk partisanship” and spread false fears about the deal, which lawmakers are set to vote on next month.

“I know it’s easy to play on people’s fears, to magnify threats… but none of these arguments hold up,” Obama said.


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