Obama says immigrants should be ‘gathering up their papers’ in town hall appearance

How can they have any papers proving anything being “illegal” unless those papers are forged.  They are “criminals”. Obama said illegal immigrants who would be eligible for protection from deportation under his recent, disputed executive orders should plan for them to be upheld in court.

“People should be gathering up their papers, make sure you can show you are a long standing resident of the United States,” Obama said Wednesday evening at a town hall meeting hosted by the Spanish-language TV network Telemundo. He said immigrants should make sure that by the time the legal issues are sorted out, “you are ready to go.”

Fox News

A federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked Obama’s executive action earlier this month at the request of a coalition of 26 states who claim in a lawsuit that the president overstepped his legal authority.

Cocky Obama said he expected to win when a U.S. circuit court hears his appeal, but added that his administration will “take it up from there” if the appeal fails, in an apparent reference to the Supreme Court. He said at each stage of the process, the White House believes it has the better argument.

“This is just one federal judge,” Obama said of U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen, who put Obama’s order on hold. “We have appealed it very aggressively. We’re going to be as aggressive as we can.”

Dismissing those hoping for a presidential about-face, Obama insisted he was “absolutely committed” to the new policy, which he described as focusing deportation efforts on felons.

“We are reorganizing how we work with state and local governments to make sure that we are not prioritizing families [for deportation],” Obama said. “And you are gonna see, I think, a substantial change even as the case works its way through the courts.”

Fox News

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  2. No One Sees The Trouble I See, But, Me!

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