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US to allow armed drone exports

The US has announced it will begin allowing sales of armed drones to some friendly and allied countries. So far only the UK has been allowed to purchase armed unmanned aircraft. Other countries have unarmed craft. Countries purchasing drones must sign agreements they will only be used for military campaigns and the US will review how the country is complying.

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If administration loses looming Supreme Court case on ObamaCare, what’s next?

The fact that the Supreme Court is reviewing a key component of the Affordable Care Act is raising questions about what would happen if the Obama administration loses. On March 4, the Supreme Court will be asked to decide whether the IRS illegally extended subsidies to millions of Americans in order to underwrite the cost of their health insurance policies under ObamaCare.

Boris Nemtsov, leading Putin critic, shot and killed in Moscow

A top political nemesis of President Vladimir Putin was shot and killed early Saturday in central Moscow, Russian police said, one day before an opposition rally was scheduled to take place. Boris Nemtsov, 55, a former deputy prime minister, was shot four times from a passing car as he was walking on a bridge just outside the Kremlin. The Kremlin said that Putin will personally oversee the investigation into his death.

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Vets ‘Choice Card’ Program Seen as Another Major VA Blunder

Many veterans, physicians and congressmen are complaining that the new Department of Veterans Affairs “choice card” program which allows veterans in certain circumstances to visit private doctors for care instead of traveling long distances to VA facilities just isn’t working.

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HHS Confirms Illegal Alien Children Will Have Access to Abortion

CNS news has discovered some of the services that are available to illegal alien unaccompanied minors. Health and Human Service’s Office of Refuge Resettlement (ORR) confirmed to CNS that abortion is one of the emergency medical services that are required to be made available by federally funded caregivers of Unaccompanied Children (UC) who have been sexually assaulted and become pregnant.

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Private unions cooling toward Democrats

For years, Obama has long been a friend of organized labor, wholeheartedly supported by unions that helped boost him to victory in both his presidential campaigns.But increasingly, there now is a divide between unions in the public and private sector when it comes to supporting him.

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HHS boss denies claim agency preparing fallback if court guts ObamaCare

HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell reiterated to Congress Thursday that the Obama administration does not have a Plan B if the Supreme Court strikes down a key part of the Affordable Care Act — despite a Republican congressman claiming he heard a contingency plan is being drafted.

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CIA Bought Hundreds of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction in ‘Operation Avarice’

A mysterious seller. These type of weapons are internationally condemned chemical weapons. Until recently, the whole thing was a secret — and even now the Pentagon is cagey about its involvement. It appears that the CIA purchased some 400 Borak rockets from an Iraqi seller between 2005 and 2006, uncovering and destroying reserves of sarin nerve agent, the New York Times reported.

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Obama says immigrants should be ‘gathering up their papers’ in town hall appearance

How can they have any papers proving anything being “illegal” unless those papers are forged.  They are “criminals”. Obama said illegal immigrants who would be eligible for protection from deportation under his recent, disputed executive orders should plan for them to be upheld in court.

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Democrats, Republicans suggest Obama’s military plan vs. ISIS doesn’t go far enough

How about nuking them instead? On Sunday, both parties criticized the proposal President Obama recently submitted to Capitol Hill on defeating The Islamic State, suggesting it doesn’t go far enough. Some of the most pointed criticism came from Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed, the top Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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